Technical information

15 mm construction and comfort of a concrete floor

Technical information MAX 4 Reinforcement sheets

Profile height 10 mm and 20 mm
Steel thickness 0,5 mm
Steel quality DX53D+ZK conform NEN-EN 103
Nominal sheet dimensions 1130 mm x 495 mm
Working length x width 1080 mm x 480 mm
Weight 5,4 kg/m2
Construction height of finished floor 15 mm and 25 mm
Construction thickness combined with FONOFIVE 21 mm and 31 mm
Weight of finished floor 32 and 50 kg/m2
Heat emission of underfloor heating 60 – 90 W/m2 (ti 20°C)
Fire class of finished floor A1 / non-flammable in accordance with NEN-EN13501-1 / NEN 6064
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