PERLITE for sloping screed and levelling floors

PERLITE for sloping screed and levelling floors

PERLITE is a volcanic rock with an open cell structure. When heated, PERLITE ore expands to become a very light insulation material. PERLITE is an environmentally friendly natural product and is available in different grain sizes.

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PERLITE grained insulation can, after mixing with cement, be used as mortar for floor insulation and slope insulation. In the interest of drying, the heat conduction coefficient (λ value) and compressive strength, we recommend using PERLITE insulating mortars with a grain size of A (0-5 mm). PERLITE insulating mortar (after moistening in a mixer shovel or concrete mixer) can be applied, spread, smoothed, compressed and plastered using a metal trowel. After hardening for circa 24 hours, you can apply a top layer if necessary.

  • No negative environmental effects
  • Mineral raw materials
  • No synthetic materials and/or fibres
  • Inflammable
  • Multi-functional
  • Seamless insulation
  • Formless insulation
  • Good insulating properties as well as excellent compressive strength
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