PERLITE Granulated insulation

PERLITE Granulated insulation

PERLITE is a volcanic rock with an open cell structure. When heated, PERLITE ore expands to become a very light insulation material. PERLITE is an environmentally friendly natural product and is available in different grain sizes.

The application

PERLITE is a fireproof and fibre-free granulated insulation material.

PERLITE, possibly in cementitious form, is used for constructions that are lightweight, thermally or acoustically insulated, fire-resistant or non-flammable. The glass-white rock is expanded using heat. The final product, namely the grey-white PERLITE grain, is available in several grain sizes and qualities. PERLITE is also used as a lightweight additive for mortars, and to insulate fireplaces, chimney chutes and pipe ducts.

  • Lightweight additive for cementitious concrete and plaster
  • Insulation and levelling floors
  • Sloping screed
  • Levelling floors
  • Chimney and fireplace insulation
  • Fire-resistant filling for pipe ducts and cavity walls
  • Poured insulation
  • Underground pipe insulation
  • Cavity insulation
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