Chimney and fireplace insulation

Chimney and fireplace insulation

PERLITE is a volcanic rock with an open cell structure. When heated, PERLITE ore expands to become a very light insulation material. PERLITE is an environmentally friendly natural product and is available in different grain sizes.

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You can use PERLITE  or VERMICULITE grained insulation to safely and thermally insulate chimneys and fireplaces. You can apply PERLITE or VERMICULITE insulating mortar (dry premixed) in cavity areas with a mixing ratio of 1:10 or 1:12. Moisture can be added with a garden hose featuring a sprinkler head. The area around the built-in fireplace must be insulated, as must the flue pipe up to circa 20cm above the connection with the flue liner. The insulating mortar must be compressed lightly. Besides standard 100-litre bags, we also supply ready-to-use, factory-made and dry-premixed VERMICULITE insulating mortar in 50-litre bags.

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