Technical information

Technical information LEWIS Dovetailed sheeting

Nominal width 630 mm
Effective width 580 mm
standard lengths 1220 mm, 1530 mm, 1830 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm
Size lengths 800-7000 mm
Length tolerance 1-4 mm
Width tolerance 1-3 mm
Moment of resistance Wx 3.0 cm3/m1
Moment of intertia Ix 3.6 cm4/m2
Steel thickness 0.5 mm (also available in steel thickness 0.7 mm)
Profile height 16 mm
Flange width 38/34 mm
Weight 0.058 kN/m2
Steel quality S320 GD + Z100 N-A-C according to EN 10346, Z275 is available on request


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