Sound insulating floors

Deafening silence

Sound insulating floors

Most older buildings have a wooden floor construction. In the case of major repairs, renovation, restoration or a change in use of such buildings, these floor constructions do not meet the current requirements for sound insulation. LEWIS Dovetailed sheeting creates a lightweight sound insulating floating floor on any floor construction. The government sets requirements for airborne and impact sound insulation between rooms inside buildings. If the underlying construction consists of wooden beams or a lightweight steel frame construction, a lightweight additional floor surface will be necessary. A thin and therefore relatively light LEWIS sound insulating floating floor offers the desired sound insulation values. A solution is offered for almost every construction and sound requirement. Various LEWIS floor build-ups are possible, based on the installed floating Dovetailed sheeting.

Sound insulating floors

A solution is offered for almost every construction and sound requirement.

LEWIS sound insulating compartment floor

The performance of a large number of LEWIS surface-mounted variants has been determined in the laboratory or with practical measurements. (link naar opbouwvarianten) A standard LEWIS floor for a compartment construction meets most sound insulation requirements.

Increase sound insulation

If necessary, the airborne and impact sound insulation can be increased using resilient strips, cavity insulation, the floor thickness and ceiling construction.

  • LEWIS sound insulating compartment floor
  • Increase sound insulation

Resilient strips for LEWIS floors

Under the LEWIS sheeting a LEWIS mineral wool resilient strip is standard applied to LEWIS sound insulating floors. As a higher quality sound-insulating strip, you can also opt for the LEWIS CDM PF strips specially developed for LEWIS or the LEWIS MTA rubber granulate strips. If the centre-to-centre distance is greater than 800 mm and/or the use load is greater than 2.5 kN/m2, then we would advise to apply LEWIS rubber granulate or LEWIS CDM PF resilient strips. The ultra-thin FONOFIVE acoustic insulation material under the LEWIS sheets is an excellent option for upgrading existing wooden floors.

  • LEWIS rockwool strips
  • LEWIS CDM PF strips
  • LEWIS MTA rubber granulate strips
  • Insulation material FONOFIVE
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