LEWIS IFD and light steel frame floor systems

Build stronger, stiffer and lighter

LEWIS IFD and light steel frame floor systems

LEWIS Dovetailed sheeting is often applied in new building projects, in particularly in IFD floor systems (Industrial, Flexible & Demountable) and in light steel frame floor systems, like topping up existing houses/apartment buildings.

LEWIS IFD and light steel frame floor systems

Light steel frame building can be seen as a contemporary variant to timber frame construction.Steel frame floor systems consist of lightweight and strong frames of cold-shaped C/U-profiles made of thin steel sheet to which LEWIS Dovetailed sheets are mounted. Finishing with a fine gravel concrete or liquid screed floor creates a high-quality constructional screed floor.For this purpose, we collaborate closely with manufacturers of modular and steel frame construction systems.

Slimline floor system

The Slimline floor system is a prefab system consisting of a concrete slab with upwards-projecting steel girders.The IPE girders, which have been provided with notches, have been casted into the concrete slab.The standard centre to centre beam spacing is 1,200 mm. The concrete slab forms the ceiling of the underlying room. Conduits for sewage, water, heating/cooling, gas, electricity, ICT and air treatment, are inserted into the ceiling cavity of the Slimline floor system. Using LEWIS Dovetailed sheeting on the Slimline system, a (floating) top floor is realised.

  • Slimline floor system
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