HODY 206 Trapezoidal sheeting

HODY 206 Composite steel floor decks

HODY 206 Trapezoidal sheeting are profiled steel sheets suitable to realise “high” composite steel decking with floor thicknesses from 260 mm. The geometry and using HODY 206 steel end profiles, allow large spans of up to 5990 mm, without temporary support during assembly and concreting. Due to the high profile, little concrete is needed even with large spans.

HODY 206 Composite steel floor decks

We supply HODY 206 Trapezoidal sheets in various steel thicknesses.

HODY 206 trapezoidal sheets are available in steel thicknesses 1.0 mm, 1.25 mm and 1.5 mm. The steel sheets have a maximum length of 13,000 mm. In steel thickness 1.0 mm, the HODY 206 is available from stock in lengths of 5,200 and 7,200 mm.HODY 206 Trapezoidal sheets have steel quality S350GD+Z275 and S350GD+ZM120 (Magnelis). For composite steel decks in corrosion class C3 and higher, the HODY sheets can be supplied with a Magnelis ZM310 corrosion protection. HODY 206 Trapezoidal sheets are always used in combination with the HODY 206 steel end profiles. These steel profiles keep the high HODY 206 plate in shape when assembling and pouring the composite steel deck.

HODY 206 composite steel deck is fire-resistant for at least 60 minutes. The fire resistance is increased by additional reinforcement in the cannelures of the steel sheet. Depending on the floor thickness, even a fire resistance of 120 minutes can be achieved.

  • Floor thickness from 260 mm
  • Self weight from 225 kg/m2
  • Spans up to 9600 mm
  • Large unpropped span up to 5990 mm
  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Efficient logistics to and on the building site
  • Details possible in construction
  • Lightweight floor construction
  • Fire-resistance ≥ 60-120 minutes
  • Available with polyester coating
  • Supplied from stock
  • Static calculation and drawing
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