VERMICULITE Grained insulation

VERMICULITE Grained insulation

VERMICULITE is a grained insulation material that – cementitious or bituminous – is used in constructions that must be lightweight, thermally or acoustically insulated, fire-resistant or inflammable

Application possibilities of VERMICULITE Grained insulation

VERMICULITE ore has a layered structure that contains bound water. During the exfoliation process (circa 900 °C), bound water that is between the flakes turns into vapour and thus pushes the layers apart. This has no impact on internal cohesion. The process leads to harmonica-shaped grains with millions of microscopic air cells, which help to ensure the high insulation value and low weight offered by VERMICULITE. VERMICULITE grained insulation is inflammable, free of fibres and available in several grain sizes. VERMICULITE is also used as a lightweight additive for acoustic and fire-resistant mortars and to insulate fireplaces, chimney chutes and pipe ducts.

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