Lewis Dovetailed steel sheeting

Geschetste blow-up view van een LEWIS Zwaluwstaartplaat betonvloer

Lewis dovetailed steel sheeting is a rolled dovetail-shaped, self-bearing galvanised steel reinforcing sheet which is used for shuttering and reinforcing thin lightweight concrete or liquid screed floors.

It is suitable to use on timber or steel floor framing and can even be fixed directly on top of existing timber floors without in most cases removing the floor boarding.

Lewis Dovetailed sheeting

The profile has optimized geometry as a result of which the concerted action between the Lewis dovetailed steel sheeting and the fine gravel concrete or liquid screed ensures the highest possible load-bearing capacity.

LEWIS Zwaluwstaartprofiel met maten in mml

Lewis dovetailed floor decking sheets provides workable solutions for a vast cross section of construction projects from refurbishment and conversion to traditional new build pre-fabricated building systems such as Light Gauge Steel Frame, Timber Frame, SIP's Panel Systems and Modular Construction - case studies on each can be provided upon request.

Application possibilities

The product

The Lewis composite floor consists of a special dovetail profiled rolled sheet which is finished with a thin layer of (lightweight) fine gravel concrete or cementitious based anhydrite liquid screed.

After the Lewis dovetailed sheeting is assembled a fine gravel concrete B25 (C20/25) or liquid screed is applied over the sheets. During the curing of the concrete, the Lewis metal sheeting functions as permanent shuttering which transfers the weight of the concrete and the assembly load to the supporting structure.

Once the concrete has cured, the Lewis dovetailed sheeting and the concrete become as one forming a strong composite structurally sound floor deck. Appropriate fine grade gravel concrete can be finished monolithically smooth so that there is no need for an extra finishing floor. The finished thickness of a Lewis composite metal deck floor can be very thin (= 50 mm).

Voorbeeld van toegepaste LEWIS Zwaluwstaartplaten

Distinguishing features

Fast delivery

Lewis dovetailed sheeting is available in the UK via a distribution network of specialized professional building material suppliers and builder's merchants.

As well as standard lengths available from stock, it is also possible to order sheets made to measure (up to 6,000 mm). Lead time for non-standard lengths is only a few days.

Specialised application

A number of UK based specialist installers are available to provide supply and installation packages details upon request.

Building specification service

Specification clauses of the Lewis metal decking floor are available in the NBS Plus