Fire-resistant conduits

A solution for every situation

When cables, pipes, lines and channels are fed through openings in compartment walls and floors, the openings must be sealed off for reasons of fire safety. If this is not done correctly, the previously made safety investments will have been for nothing!

REPPEL is a dealer for PROMAT FIRELINE, HENSEL, AIR FIRE TECH and ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN and provides a complete package of fire-resistant conduits for construction and industry in collaboration with companies specialised in application.

PROMASTOP and HENSOMASTIK conduit systems

PROMASTOP and HENSOMASTIK are conduit systems comprising a combination of insulating mineral wool and fire-resistant endothermic paint.

PROMASTOP and RORCOL fire cuffs

Metal fire cuffs that can be installed around plastic pipes at the site of the conduit. The cuff is placed on the fire side.

PROMASEAL and ZAPP ZIMMERMANN sealing products

A full range of fire-resistant sealants, foaming sealant and foaming strips for the fire-resistant sealing of joints, pointing, connections and openings.