Fire-resistant coatings

A combination of fire safety and aesthetics

Fire-resistant coating systems can be applied to make a steel structure resistant to fire.

A fire-resistant intumescent coating reacts under the influence of heat and blows itself up to a centimetres-thick foam layer. The insulating effect of this foam keeps the steel below the critical temperature as it would otherwise collapse after some time.

Characteristics of fire-resistant coating:

  • Light-weight
  • Seamless
  • Durable
  • Impact resistant
  • A top coat can be applied in a RAL colour
  • Steel profile only slightly increases in size
  • Fire-resistance of up to 120 minutes is achievable
  • In-shop application is possible


HENSOTHERM 421 KS is a water-based fire-resistant intumescent coating system used for the contoured, fire-resistant coating of steel joists and columns in buildings.

HENSOTHERM 310 KS and 320 KS

HENSOTHERM 310 KS and 320 KS are solvent based fire-resistant intumescent coating systems used for the contoured coating of steel joists and columns in buildings and in outdoor climate conditions.