Fire protection boards

Simple and fast installation

REPPEL offers various high quality solutions for fireproofing by using Fire protection boards. By collaborating with leading manufacturers of fire protection boards, we can offer the best solution for every requirement in construction and industry.

Characteristics of our Fire protection boards:

  • Tested in accordance with national and European standards
  • Highest degree of fire-resistance possible
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Clean and dry installation
  • Easy to finish off
  • Environmentally-friendly

REPPEL is distributor of Promat and has a full range of high quality passive fire protection materials.

We frequently use the PROMATECT-200 sheets from the PROMATECT range for fire protection of steel columns and joists. PROMATECT-H is used for on steel structures in buildings that are still open to the elements in connection with the damp-resistance.

PROMATECT-100 a is a fire protective calcium silicate board suitable for fire-resistant walls, ceilings and compartments.