Max 4 Reinforcing sheets

MAX 4 Reinforcing sheets are die cut and specially profiled steel sheets used for reinforcing ultra thin light-weight liquid screed floors on top of (existing) wooden or other sorts of surfaces.

The MAX 4 Reinforcing sheets are available in two variants. Under floor heating can be integrated in the FS 10 and FS 20 MAX 4 Therm Reinforcing sheets.

Application possibilities

  • Can be finished with tiles, natural stone, terrazzo or timber flooring
  • Waterproof floors
  • Upgrading concrete floors
  • With under floor heating on existing timber floors
  • Upgrading timber floors

MAX 4 Reinforcing sheets consist of a factory-made die cut, profiled top and base sheets which are joined to each other by means of pneumo hydraulic TOX joining and are slightly shifted, resulting in the formation of a half-lapped joint being formed all around ensuring a stable overlap.

The double sheets are laid with a fixed overlap the width of the half-lapped joint and attached to each other mechanically by means of an upright lip in the profile. Special edge profiles ensure a responsible connection to the ascending work. The cement or plaster-bound mortar poured floor can be laid after fixing the MAX 4 Reinforcing sheets. Because of the open structure of the MAX 4sheet, the covering floor also functions as a levelling floor.

Floor thicknesses of MAX 4 floor system:
MAX 4 Therm Reinforcing sheet FS10 + poured floor 15 mm
MAX 4 Therm Reinforcing sheet FS20 + poured floor 25 mm

The finished floor can be covered in any sort of hard or soft covering (carpet, linoleum, ceramic tiles).

Distinguishing features

  • Very low dead weight (16-45 kg/m2)
  • Non-flammable / fire safe
  • Sound insulating; extra (impact) sound insulation possible (Fonofive)
  • Suitable for electric under floor heating
  • The comfort of a concrete floor
  • Extremely thin floor thickness
  • Stable under floor
  • High permissible load
  • Suitable for anhydrite as well as cement-bound liquid screed
  • Integrated water-fed under floor heating (FS10/FS20)
  • Short warming up period and optimal distribution of heat
  • Self-levelling reinforced covering floor