LEWIS Dovetailed sheeting

A reliable base for your tile and natural stone finishes

LEWIS wet room and bathroom floors

The subfloor must be a durable and reliable base for costly equipment, tile and natural stone finishing, particularly for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens.

LEWIS waterproof floor consists of 16 mm thick LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting and a finishing with fine gravel concrete of = 20 mm. The fine gravel concrete can be finished monolith flat so that the floor thickness remains limited to 36 mm with a total own weight of 0.618 kN/m2 (61.8 kg/m2)

If LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting is finished with a lightweight fine gravel concrete, the total own weight at a floor thickness of 36 mm is only 0.45 kN/m2 (45 kg/m2).

The profile of LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting has optimised geometrics so that the collaboration between the sheet and the fine gravel concrete ensures the floor's highest possible bearing capacity. The dovetail profile also ensures permanent ventilation in the floor cavity. The wood of the lower constructions is able to keep on breathing, which prevents suffocation and wood rot, and vermin will not find breeding ground.

There will be no permanent damage in the case of a calamity whereby water penetrates into the floor cavity in spite of all provisions. Natural ventilation ensures that the construction will be entirely dry again within 3 to 4 months maximally.

LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting has a unique well-closing fitting form that enables plastic concrete mortars and liquid floor screeds to be applied to the sheets without mortar leakages.

Waterproof connection points

Good and durable waterproof connection points are crucial. At the spots of wall and floor connection points, shower drains and any conduits, a waterproof connection point must be made on the LEWIS concrete floor, using sealing tape + sealing paste.

Ceramic Tiles / Natural Stone / Terrazzo

A LEWIS floor is an excellent base for applying tiles, natural stone, terrazzo, decorational gravel, etc. onto a wooden bearing construction. By applying a thin concrete floor with LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting onto a wooden construction, a durable, rigid, non-springing under floor is created.