LEWIS Dovetailed steel sheeting

Underfloor Heating

Both water-fed and electric floor heating can be included in a LEWIS floor onto the dovetailed sheeting.

LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting should be laid onto the bearing construction loosely. Because of shrinking and crawling that occur at variable temperatures, it is important that the LEWIS floor is kept about 10 mm free from the rising work.

Depending on the design, the UFH pipe work may be mounted onto the upper flange of the LEWIS Dovetailed Sheeting using tape or saddles and parkers or the LEWIS underfloor heating fixing rail.

Low floor thickness

Reppel recommends a mortar coverage on the UFH pipes of 20-25 mm. With a heating pipe of 16 mm, the total thickness of the LEWIS floor is only 52-57 mm.